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The Awareness Project is a hub for leaders building diverse & inclusive organisations.  

Our micro lessons are a great to way to continue the diversity & inclusion conversation with your staff.


These micro lessons are for you if you are:

- working in an organisation or business

-  on the diversity & inclusion journey e.g. staff have done some initial training wanting to continue the diversity & inclusion conversation 

- able to forward each micro lesson email to your staff and put up a poster in the staff room (should take 10 minutes max!)​​​​​​​


Kia ora! We are Kate and Anna. 

Avatar priv line 2 11713

Anna is a registered Social Worker specialising in working with families, young people and children. She has extensive knowledge of the issues facing our community. Anna's motivation and drive for helping others is contagious.  

Kate practiced as a solicitor in Invercargill and is our legal policy expert. She ensures that our practices align with current law and encourages organisations to go above and beyond what is legally required. Kate brings her passion for equality to the table every day and is an agent for change for everyone she meets.

Our vision is to inspire the world to embrace individuality. 

What is a micro lesson? 

So you've started the conversation about diversity & inclusion. Leaders seem motivated and ready to create change. But, two weeks down the track, conversations have slowed down and other work is building up, pushing diversity & inclusion initiatives down the pile. How do you keep the momentum going?

This is where our micro lessons come in. They are there to provide on-the-go education and conversations about diversity & inclusion. The ‘micro lesson’ nature of this service means that each snippet of information is tiny, making it easy to digest and remember.

Our micro lessons are a sustainable way to build an organisation that incorporates and values diversity & inclusion.

How does it work?

A new micro lesson will appear in your inbox twice a month. Each micro lesson will contain:- 

Information on a new discriminatory word or habit

Some history on where it originated 

Why that word or habit isn't great 

Suggestions for alternatives 

A printable poster to put up by the water cooler 

All you have to do is forward the email to the rest of your staff and put the poster up (we recommend in the staff room), then sit back and listen to the amazing conversations that occur.

What kind of topics will the micro lessons cover?

Here are the main topics that will be covered in the lessons:- 



Unconscious bias 

Discriminatory language







 Future topics will be introduced and will respond to current events. 


Here's an example of a micro lesson email...


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